It is well-known, that Viry is a unique town: it is situated in Savoy (France), but only became part of France in 1860.

In the old Savoy states, Viry originally belonged to the county of Geneva, but was annexed to Savoy in 1401.

In 1815, Viry was separated from its neighbouring villages of Soral and Sézegnin by a new border at the time one of Switzerland’s youngest cantons was created: Geneva.

Another uniqueness of Viry is its significant size: 1 main town, 12 hamlets and 26 square kilometres.

Since the 15th and 16th centuries, Viry has contained a number of old parishes:

  • L’Eluiset, which accommodated the French King, Henry IV.
  • Humilly, where one can still find a beautiful 13th century chapel and a castle whose family carries the same name.
  • Germagny, which is situated to the side of Mont de Sion.